Vice President for Women Affairs paid a visit 3centers covered by SWO

,On the occasion of welfare week, Dr.Ebtekar vice president for women and families affairs paid a visit from 3 centers coverd by SWO on Wednesday 16th July.

 Masoumeh Ebtekar, Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, on Wednesday, July 15, along with Vahid Ghobadi Dana, head of the Welfare Organization, and officials visied from three non-governmental centers, Rah-e Novin, Athena Safe House, and 123 Social Emergency Lines. Masoumeh Ebtekar, Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, during a visit from the non-governmental center Rah-e-Novin, "Center for Daily Services of Socially Injured Women and Girls" said that there are both vulnerable and injured women and children and in this regard: "It is a fact in the society that fortunately in this field, the Welfare and Social Emergency Organization has done very valuable work with good cooperation and trust with non-governmental organizations. He added: "Here, social capital is really originated from people and non-governmental organizations that act with love and sacrifice and with their spiritual motives, and the effectiveness of their work is sometimes even higher than the work of the government. As well as  today we she said that we are witnessing this happening, as more than 90 non-governmental centers in the country are currently cooperating with the Welfare and Social Emergency Organization, which is very valuable. The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs expressed hope that the necessary ground would be prepared for the development of the centers and the future government would develop it with the same vision and support the non-governmental sectors and non-governmental organizations. 

Social emergency is one of the most successful networks for intervening in social crises

The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, while visiting the "Anta" safe house, which is a non-governmental center for providing 24-hour services to women under domestic violence, said: "This is the place of the Athena safe house, which is a collection of non-governmental organizations She is a volunteer working in the field of safe houses. Ebtekar added: "This successful collection has been operating for about two years, but it already had valuable activities that are supported by the Welfare Organization, which is very good because it has been able to develop its work." She said that about 43 social emergency centers has visited in the country during this four-year period: "The structure of this complex is very good, but unfortunately it has problems such as employment problems, which have been corresponded in this field, but face obstacles." Fortunately, they presented a bill that, God willing, will remove the obstacles.

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