Governor of Tehran issued a congratulation message

On the occasion of Welfare Day, former head of state welfare organization ,Dr.Mohsenibandpei released a message as follows:

The Welfare Organization was formed with the blessings of the Islamic Revolution, which deals with the affairs of the needy clients in a specialized way, and in the law of the Sixth Plan of development, the guardianship has been assigned to this organization. In this regard, "Welfare" week is a great opportunity to honor the efforts and struggles of men and women who, by fearing the manners of the great Imams and putting self-sacrifice at the forefront, arrest the victims of society and in this exhausting way do not spare any effort.

The Welfare Organization has played an irreplaceable role in protecting the integrity of vulnerable families, and by putting new and expert methods on the agenda, as well as steely determination to help the deprived and prevent deprivation, disability and social harm, the value of its important position in this field is remarkable. With the aim of improving the lives of vulnerable individuals and groups, this organization takes steps to reduce the harms and problems of the target community and pursues its mission by creating a dignified life for the people of our country and the positive effects of its actions and activities are obvious. I cordially congratulate the arrival of this Mubarak week to all the hard-working and compassionate workers of Behzisti(SWO), especially the officials, staff and helpers in this field in Tehran province. Officials, we are witnessing the increasing expansion of physical and mental health and improving the quality of life and eliminating poverty and distress from the vulnerable sections of society.

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