Inauguration of 2075 residential units for target community of SWO

During a ceremony in presence with Head of SWO, Dr.Ghobadidana, 2075 residential units donated to families covered of state welfare organization on Wednesday, July 14.

The ceremony of handing over 2075 residential units to state welfare organization clients in 29 provinces of the country was held in presence with the presence of the head of the Welfare Organization and a group of housing officials, as well as the virtual presence of general managers and housing officials at the place of State welfare organization. Ali Raboubi, Head of the Secretariat of the Housing Organization of State Welfare Organization, said at the ceremony: "One of the most important programs of State Welfare Organization in recent years has been the economic empowerment of the target population. Children discharged from boarding schools, recovered, etc. is one of the ways of this empowerment. He pointed out that helping to provide housing for the welfare target community is implemented in the form of 7 projects, he said: These projects are:

1) Assistance program to provide housing for families with a maximum of 2 disabled members with the participation of the Foundation for the Oppressed of the Islamic Revolution, the Executive Headquarters of the Imam's Command, the Housing Foundation and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development.

2)Housing assistance program for rural households covered with the participation of the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution.

3) The plan to build housing units for people with severe and very severe disabilities and women heads of households in the last three deciles of income with the participation of Khatam Al-Anbia Construction Camp.

4) Assistance plan to provide housing for orphaned families with the participation of the Program and Budget Organization and the National Development Fund.

5)Plan to help provide housing for families living in rural areas and cities with less than 25,000 people with the participation of Basij Sazandegi.

6) Participation plan in the construction of housing with the cooperation of the Revolutionary Guards Land Limitation Camp.

7)Paying subsidies for construction, purchase, repair and rental of housing from organizational resources and the participation of donors.

Raboubi added: "Since the beginning of the formation of the Welfare Organization, 142,480 housing units have been put into operation in the framework of these projects and with the participation of partner organizations, and we hope to put another 20,000 housing units into operation by the end of this year."

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