Submitting a draft of Social emergency tasks bill to government

The Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare submitted a draft law on the structure and duties of social emergencies of the State Welfare Organization to the government for consideration and approval.

According to this draft, state welfare organization will implement a social emergency program with the aim of controlling and reducing personal, family and social harms through the centers which called "social emergency (crisis intervention center)", "social emergency Hotline (123)", "Mobile Social Emergency Services" and "Social Services Base in informal areas and settlements" as well as providing specialized and timely support services to affected and vulnerable people in critical situations (cases of suicide, child abuse, spousal abuse, parental abuse, girls and women vulnerable or socially disadvantaged, also socio-psychological interventions in natural and unnatural disasters (Round the clock) are provided as free of charge.

Currently, this program provides services in the form of "360 social emergency centers","256 social service centers","31123 hotline centers" and "429 mobile social emergency service teams" and more than 5,000 manpower in all parts of the country. Of the 360 social emergency centers, 201 departments have been set up and operated in incumbent Government.

According to the draft, and considering that the mentioned activity is the only activity in the country that provides urgent social-psychological services to vulnerable and socially disadvantaged people who are in critical situations, it is necessary to remove obstacles and challenges in the implementation process is especially in the field of job and psychological security of employees working in the activities and coordination of relevant organizations and agencies, so in order to remove these obstacles and challenges, the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare "State welfare organization" has been prepared and submitted to the government for approval.

It is worth mentioning that the bill consists of four chapters, the first of which contains generalities and definitions of some terms. Abused spouse, abused elderly person, abused disabled person,children at risk, people who attempt or have attempted suicide, runaway or evicted girls and boys; socially disadvantaged women and girls, street children, emergency socio-psychological support in natural disasters And man-made to the target groups of the organization) who are in a critical situation.

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