CBR's Services to extend in rural areas across Iran

State welfare organization in recent years has launched a plan named community based rehabilitation plan to render proper services to needy areas in this regard Dr. Shahbazi has accentuated on main plans launched by SWO in last years as follows :

Mohammad Reza Shahbazi General Director of the Office of Empowerment of the Disabled of the Welfare Organization, regarding the provision of Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) services in Iran emphasized on following items:

1)To 50,000 people with disabilities in less affluent urban areas have been rendered CBR's services.

2)Over 270 micro-financing funds were formed and set up with the membership micro-financing funds were formed and set up with the membership of 4,000 people with eligible disabilities.

3)Accessibility of 17,340 residential houses and more than 2,000 vehicles for people with disabilities.

4)Paying academic tuition to more than 13,660 students studying at non-governmental universities.

5)78,000 students with disabilities covered by education scholarships.

6)Issuing 1674 special car plate for persons with disabilities in last year.

7)More than 67,000 people received financial support in the field of payment of travel, educational, medical, sports and leisure allowances.

8)Benefit from military exemption for more than 4,000 people with disabilities.

9)The implementation of the 3% employment quota for people with disabilities has been done continuously.

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