Head of SWO released a message

Dr.Ghobadidana, Head of SWO on the occasion of World Communications Day and Public Relations released a message and accentuated on the effective role of SWO to reflect the achievements in all arenas.

Taking advantage of the science and art of communication and public relations is one of the most important requirements of social life in the era of the global village. To the extent that not paying attention to this science and art is considered as a defect in the cycle of individual, social and organizational social life, paying attention to it establishes the ceiling of success of an individual, group or organizatio. Therefore, it is necessary for public relations to reflect the thoughts, wills and demands of the society. As well as the decisive role of this sensitive science and art in the continuous and effective stability of communication between audiences and agents by identifying and reflecting existing facts and it is obvious to everyone. The true proof of this claim is the comprehensive effects of the effective activity of informing public relations agents in the production and distribution of information informing the past about the occurrence and prevalence of coronary heart disease throughout the world. We cherish the day of communication and public relations that since the beginning of the outbreak of Corona virus in the country, we have witnessed the effective scientific and artistic presence of public relations colleagues in various activities of the organization to perform intrinsic tasks along with other specialized departments to reflect day and night activities. During the outbreak of Coronavirus our colleagues in department of public relations performed valuable efforts to raise social awareness about this pandemic around the country.  Finally, while congratulating the day of communication and public relations to all respected public relations agents in across  the country, I consider it necessary to appreciate the effective efforts of the public relations partners in the headquarters of the organization and the departments of all provinces who play a committed role and take steps to fulfill their serious mission, and I appreciate the compassionate efforts of these loved ones.


Deputy Minister and head of the SWO

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