Government's efforts and plans to strengthen NGOs

During a ceremony in presence with Iran's president and some benevolent donor , Dr. Rouhani emphasized on the positive role of NGOs in society

 Iran’s president, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, during a ceremony in presence with some benevolent donor in NGOs which was held through video conference on Monday said that if we want to preserve our country and put the people on the path to prosperity and happiness, this fact would not be possible without each other.Dr.Rouhani, pointing out that political parties and organizations also have duties and missions in the direction of social awareness and democracy in society, reiterated that political issues are accompanied by competition in its real nature, and everyone is working to seize power, but in the discussion of the benefactors and NGOs the situation is different. He added that today due to performed supporting on behalf of the incumbent government the number of non-governmental organizations has increased from 4,300 to 9,800, while the government's policy has been to leave the work and management of affairs to these organizations as much as possible. Elsewhere he said that, benevolent acts as a duty are so necessary, and by raising awareness and empowering the society, many social harms and deviations that occur due to ignorance may be prevented. Also, in this ceremony coverage of services related to autism treatment, construction of comprehensive autism centers, support of organizations related to organizing the homeless, attention to the youth, creation and development of small and small businesses in villages and suburbs, allocation of budget line for Iranian Organ Donation Association Accelerating the formulation and approval of infrastructure laws to monitor the activities of NGOs were discussed by the representatives of these entities.

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