Measures taken by SWO to protect older persons in Covid19 pandemic is laudable

During a meeting on Monday, representative of UNFPA praised measures taken by SWO to protect older persons during Covid19 pandemic.

During a meeting in presence with Dr.Leila Judan, representative of UNFPA in Iran and Dr. Ghobadi Dana, Head of SWO on monday, two sides asserted on more cooperation. At the beginning of this meeting Dr.Ghobadidana expressed his appreciations to UNFPA office in Iran for their valuable supporting during the outbreak of Covid19 and providing preventive health items to SWO's centers. Here are some of main points addressed by Head of SWO as follows:

• In caring centers for the elderly and persons with disabilities, at beginning of Corona virus pandemic in Iran different protocols were notified to boarding centers to separate and isolating the clients from their families and others.

•Over 80 thousands clients and personnel of boarding centers have been vaccinated against the flu.

•Timely and early prevention against Covid 19 led to have low mortality rate caused by this disease in boarding centers of SWO rather than conditions of the elderly in other countries.  

•The mortality rate in SWO's centers rather than the total death caused by Coronavirus is about 1 percent which shows that special caring services has been taken for the elderly and persons with disabilities in Iran.

•There isn’t any kinds of discriminations in Iran's hospitals to render treatment services to older persons and people with disabilities.

•The Drafting of law on protection of the rights of older persons is also on the agenda of the Secretariat of the National Council of the Elderly, which will be an effective step in achieving the rights of the elderly.   

• To draw more attention the rights of older persons in our country the cities of Isfahan and Yazd have been selected as pilots places to launch the plan of age friendly cities.

Also in continuation of this meeting Dr.Judan accentuated on following items:

• UNFPA at the beginning days of Coronavirus pandemic have closing collaborations with the Secretariat of the National Council of the Elderly to help the older persons in Iran as well as in this cooperation process is supposed to purchase around 200 small oxygen generator devices for Elderly's caring centers.

•In the framework of cooperation with the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, we are producing health items made by female-headed households, some of which will be provided to the Welfare Organization.

•Despite imposed sanctions and Coronavirus pandemic in Iran, as a remarkable achievement, SWO has provided significant and laudable services to the elderly.

•Documenting Iran's successful experiences in providing free of charge services such as vaccination for older persons and control of Coronavirus pandemic in period of sanctions in SWO's caring centers can be a good sample for other countries.

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