Occupational Therapy Day, a glorious event in Iran's calendar

Dr. Ghobadi dana, head of SWO asserted on the role of occupational therapist in society as constructive forces in society.

 In the name of God

  27th October, world’s Occupational Therapy Day is considered as one of the glorious days in Iran’s health calendar in which has been accentuated on the achievements and endeavors of esteemed occupational therapists. Today, occupational therapy with relying on maintaining human dignity and paying attention to the principle of existing abilities of people after the occurrence of disorder and disability by using modern methods and applied knowledge and facilitating the psycho-emotional functions of the disabled person and family in promoting and stabilizing the health system and quality of life the individual and community have a great impact, therefore provides integration of the injured person and family with the community. While congratulating this day to all esteemed experts and workers in the field of occupational therapy, especially those who are working in welfare organizations, I extend my sincere appreciation to them for their diligent efforts to treat and rehabilitate the people with disabilities as well as their actively presence in various social arenas.
Undoubtedly, updating the specialized knowledge and practical experiences of occupational therapists will be known as key elements of effectiveness and quantitative and qualitative improvement of occupational therapy services. Especially in times of crisis caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus, the creation and formation of up-to-date methods of providing health and rehabilitation services such as rehabilitation and telemedicine with the aim of facilitating access for people with disabilities and the elderly to these services to achieve more social justice It seems necessary in advance.

Dr.Vahid Ghobadidana
Head of State Welfare Organization

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