White Cane Safety Day,  justice and social integration of blind

Deputy minister and head of SWO on the occasion of White Cane Safety Day released a message.

In the name of God

Whenever attention and hope for the future draw the path, a clear path can be found with closed eyes. This is same message that makes sense to white cane safety day. Effective interaction with the blind lead to have a better aware about these kinds of people so that take more effective steps towards empowering and integrating them in different sections of society.

Today, the grace of the God has put us in a position of decision making and executive levels in SWO to render different services to blind and visually impaired people and trying to pave the way for empowerment and social integration.  In the Law on the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the welfare organization is responsible for providing most of the services required by the blind and visually impaired in the fields of education, rehabilitation, welfare and social support as well as According to the capabilities and limitations of these people and the needs of society, this organization implements various plans and programs to increase the level of independence and improve the quality of life of blind and visually impaired people. Providing educational and rehabilitation services in the form of specialized centers and community-based rehabilitation services, payment of living and educational allowances, generalization of the right to nursing and assistance, implementation of empowerment programs in the form of educational, artistic and sports activities and job skills training and facilitation of employment process Blind and visually impaired people are just a part of the services that are performed with the aim of crystallizing the valuable talents of these loved ones. White Cane Safety Day is a reminder of the need to equalize opportunities and eliminate discrimination against people who, despite many difficulties, have been able to show their physical and mental capacities in the professional and social fields. It is very clear that honoring these people and accompanying them in the fast-paced path of life is not done only by obeying the laws, but it is a divine duty that has been entrusted to our individual person in an Islamic society based on the humanizing teachings of the religion. SWO by adopting policies in line with the Islamic teachings and the holy system of the Islamic Republic and in order to fulfill its legal duties tries to follow the rightful demands of blind and visually impaired people within the framework of relevant laws. The organization's efforts to establish a secretariat for the Coordination and Supervision Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which will also follow the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, are examples of efforts to better implement protection laws and strengthen the social identity of blind and will be visually impaired.

Remember that empowering people with visual impairments and achieving social status commensurate with human dignity and valuable abilities of these loved ones requires the institutionalization of a culture of rule of law in all parts of society; A culture that holds all executive bodies, regulators, and legislators accountable and accountable for protective laws related to people with disabilities. I hope that the implementation of these laws and its implementation obstacles in other institutions will be monitored with a keen eye by the representatives of the House of Nation and other supervisory institutions, so that thanks to God, national will and public effort to remove existing obstacles, the steady steps of the blind Lead to the shores of prosperity, faith and hope.

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