SWO is defender of the rights of Deaf and hearing impaired people

During a video conference in presence with head of SWO and some representatives of NGOs asserted on the rights of the deaf.

Dr.Ghobadidana, deputy minister and head of SWO on the occasion of world’s deaf day by a video conference accentuated on following items:

· Hearing impaired is one of the most common congenital defects across the world.

· Around 1million and 544 thousands persons with disability are under coverage of state welfare organization.

· Around 238 thousands individuals suffering from hearing impaired in which 140 thousands of them have serve hearing impaired.

· About 25percent reasons of hearing disabilities are unknown and 25 percent as well due to problems during childbirth, neonatal jaundice and trauma, the rest of other causes is genetic.

· At present moment, 630 screening units are active across the country and around 10 million infants have been screened so far.

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