Head of SWO, released a message to respect the rights of the deaf

Deputy minister and head of SWO on the occasion of world's deaf day released a message .

Deputy Minister and Head of State welfare organization, Dr.Ghobadidana on the occasion of world’s day of the deaf released a message as follows:

In the name of God

“Reaffirming Deaf people’s rights”

 Those who talk with their eloquent hands and listen to the voice of the universe with a bit of their remnants of hearing, both are the verses of thanksgiving to God. Those who, by tying their efforts to the endeavors of families and educators, expose the thoughts of people with hearing impairments to the inconsistencies of their language and speech, and proudly display their eloquence in the eyes of the people. Once again, World Deaf Day has come to continue the path of equalizing opportunities and empowering people with hearing impairments by aligning steps and unifying the sounds of unity, so that so that our dear country can try to revive the rights of these loved ones as a green leaf in the proud record. Register yourself. The comprehensive effort to restore the rights of people with hearing impairments, which is emphasized as the motto of this year's World Deaf Day, is an awareness-raising message that outlines the policy of global movements to empower and improve the quality of life of these people. These movements are manifested not only in the form of awareness messages but also, above all, in the framework of the actions of the executive apparatus, legislative and regulatory bodies to form a national determination to ensure the rights of the deaf and hard of hearing. The State Welfare Organization, in line with the efforts of other bodies and within the framework of the Act on the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and  based on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, has sought to provide  proper services based on the real needs of people with hearing impairments including rendering specialized services in the form of family and child centers for children with hearing disorders until successful discharge to normal schools, rendering specialized services in rehabilitation clinics, distributing hearing aids and batteries, cochlear implants, student and student tuition grants. It is clear that the empowerment of deaf and hard of hearing people and their social integration requires increasing attention of all members of society to the laws protecting the rights of people with disabilities and the humanitarian message of these laws and efforts to fulfill social responsibilities and stigmatize These loved ones are the first and fundamental step of this collective movement. I take this opportunity to thank all the valuable efforts made by the associations active in the field of the deaf, family centers and children with hearing impairments, and families who have expanded their capacity to love their children in the best way. I would like to extend my gratitude to all esteemed hard-working colleagues in the Welfare Organization and wish the best happiness with more success for them.

Vahid Ghobadidana

Deputy Minister and Head of SWO

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