Accessibility facilities on SWO's website for low visually impaired persons

In line with rendering different social services ,the formal website of SWO was equipped to accessibility facilities for low visually impaired persons

Director General of public relations and international affairs of SWO, Masoud Asima stated that the state welfare organization’s formal website to render different services to low visually impaired persons was equipped to special accessibility  facilities for  this kind of  SWO’s target community as well as he asserted on following items :

1)Utilizing ICT is considered as one of the best methods to share inclusion of people with disability in society and empowering them in an effective way so that they can like other people access to different social media, in other words this innovation will pave the way to achieve the conception of social justice in for the whole of people.

2)All of government bodies should take into consideration more about cyberspace services toward people with disability.

3) Totally, about 253 million low visually impaired persons living in present world which around 189000 of them belong to Iran.

4) Rendering cyberspace services to persons with disability should be considered as essential matter in society.

5)It should be noted that to get further information you can refer to

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