Latest rehabilitation services taken by SWO in recent years

On the occasion of the week of government, Dr.Nafariyeh, Deputy for rehabilitation affairs asserted on latest measures taken by SWO in recent years

Dr.Nafariyeh, deputy for rehabilitation affairs of SWO, On the occasion of National week of government emphasized on latest services taken by SWO in recent years as follows :

· According to article 1 of the Law on the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, determining the type and severity of disability is the responsibility of the rehabilitation medical commission, at present, this commission is formed in three levels of city, province and country.

· Around 97 percent of rural population have been coverage by the scheme of community based rehabilitation (CBR) in this line, annually, around 480thousands persons with disabilities are taking advantage of different social and health services.

·  Establishing local micro-funds for people with disabilities with the aim of empowering them in rural areas.

· Implementation of empowerment plan for people with visual impairment, hearing impairment, spinal cord injury and the elderly.

· Spinal cord injury empowerment plan in 29 provinces.

· Elderly empowerment plan in 19 provinces.

· Empowerment plan for people with visual impairment in 6 provinces.

· Empowerment plan for people with hearing impairment in 4 provinces.

· Launching a nationwide screening and diagnosing autism spectrum disorder system.

· Holding the first national exhibition of paintings by people with disabilities, implementing a project to analyze the situation of children with disabilities in cooperation with the United Nations Children's Fund.

· Benefit from technology in order to strengthen E-government in paying for allowances of rehabilitation centers.

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