Screening of more than 500 thousand infants in first half of the year

The Deputy for Prevention of Disabilities of State Welfare Organization announced that 1,486 children with hearing disorders were identified and screened for hearing in the first six months of the year.

According to the public relations and international affairs report, quoted by ILNA, Afrouz Safarifard, the deputy for disability prevention at the Addiction Prevention and Treatment Development Center of State Welfare Organization, in a conversation with ILNA reporter about hearing screening and identifying hearing disorders in babies, said: Hearing disorders screening In infants, since 2004, it has been included in the programs of the Office of Prevention of Disabilities in the state welfare organization. Currently, we have about 630 bases, which are mainly located in maternity hospitals and sometimes in health centers, and when infants come for vaccination, if they have not been screened, it is done there.

Safari Fard noted: Last year, about 1,150,000 infants were screened, and in the first 6 months of the year, about 500,000infants were screened, of which 1,486 children were identified with hearing disorders. One of the features of the hearing screening program is to follow up on the status of children who are identified with hearing disorders. From our centers, frequent follow-ups are done for babies who have hearing disorders to make sure that these babies use timely interventions.

Regarding cooperation with the Ministry of Health to implant the cochlear for infants identified with hearing disorders, she said: "Recently, we have had several meetings with the Ministry of Health's Vice President for Cochlear Implantation, and it was decided to send the information of the babies identified by SWO to them as soon as possible. At the end of this interview she stated that, State Welfare Organization noted: People who have hearing disorders can refer to the rehabilitation area of State Welfare Organization. In this section, the loss of hearing performance of these people is checked in the commissions, and if they meet the necessary criteria and their hearing performance is accompanied by a loss, they are recognized as disabled and are covered by the welfare organization.

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