Head of SWO; we should render proper services for Older Persons

In accordance with October 1, as the International and National Day of the Elderly, the Head of State welfare organization issued a message.

The older persons are known as the source of love and wisdom and the chain of family bonds in the family, the agent of transferring experiences and traditions in the society, the crystallization of customs and values in the national culture, and the source of God's blessing and mercy in the Islamic culture.

In the present era, when the life expectancy has increased thanks to the progress of health and social-welfare indicators and the improvement of the quality of life, an opportunity has been provided for the blessing of life and enjoyment of worldly life to be longer and the society, more than in the past, from to benefit from the blessed presence of wise elders and senior citizens; this blessed phenomenon is referred to as individual aging.

Today, by passing the category of a small increase in life expectancy and even just a healthy old age, the issue of active aging and increasing the social participation of the elderly and benefiting the members of the society from the existential blessings of the elderly in the theories of gerontology, under the title of the second demographic benefit approach, in line with the realization of the silver economy is raised Therefore, in addition to the necessity of institutionalizing a healthy lifestyle and observing the principles of health and self-care, it is appropriate to provide a positive image of retirement and old age, as well as empowering people in the community from pre-old age in the field of personal and social skills, to increase the period of efficiency and To provide the active role of dear elderly in the context of family and society. But from another angle, the imbalance of population groups, which has happened more than any other factor due to the delay in marriage and the decrease in birth rate, has caused an increasing percentage and weight of the elderly population group in Iran.

Perhaps it can be said that in the last three years, the crisis of the Corona epidemic and the problems it has caused for the general public, especially the elderly, was a push that took a new look at the needs of the elderly and the challenges of the country's aging and gave the opportunity to compensate for the deficiency. We count the spoils and neglects. In this direction, while creating a culture to honor the dear elderly and prevent intergenerational rift, necessary policies should be made to improve the elderly and improve the livelihood, well-being and health of the elderly, and expand the quantitative and qualitative coverage of health and care insurances, and improve social and support services, environmental optimization and infrastructure development.

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