Identification of 3,100 children with hearing impairment last year

The Deputy for Prevention of Disabilities of State Welfare Organization said: "Every year, around 3,000 and 3,400 children with hearing impairments are identified by State Welfare Organization, who are referred for medical interventions."

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, quoting the Young Journalists Club, "Afrooz Saffarifard", the Deputy for Prevention of Disabilities of State Welfare Organization, said: "Hearing screening forces that cooperate with the Welfare Organization and are supported by this organization are mainly in maternity hospitals and hospitals." They work and the babies' hearing screening is done by these people.

According to the official in charge of the screening test called TEOAE and AABR, these two tests are performed for infants and if suspicious cases are identified, they are referred for diagnostic evaluation, which can finally have the opinion of a specialist and then medical interventions. And will receive rehabilitation; It also has the necessary support for medical and welfare rehabilitation interventions.

The State Welfare Organization for the Prevention of Disabilities continued: "Currently, there are 630 screening units for audiometry across the country that are providing services. This program started in 2005 and about 13 million children have been screened so far. The coverage rate of this project is high.

"Unfortunately, every year around 3,000 and 3,400 children with hearing impairments are identified by the welfare department and referred for medical interventions," she said.

According to the Deputy for Disability Prevention, over 14 million babies were screened in 1400, with a coverage of 92 percent; Also, 3,100 children with hearing impairments were identified last year. Saffarifard said: "Last year, many of the worn-out screening devices that were given to the screens were replaced and the necessary support was provided to purchase new devices; The hearing screening system will also be activated soon and we will see the arrival of up-to-date information and reporting in the coming months.

It is reminded that timely hearing assessment should be followed in infancy and up to one month, while 1 out of every 3 babies is born with hearing impairment. Studies have shown that 5.2 percent of children entering school and 11 to 15 percent of children who go to school have symptoms of hearing loss.

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