Counseling and prevention from committing suicide

Voice of Counseling 1480 although a free telephone consultation for the general public; But it has repeatedly prevented unpleasant events from happening to people in the community. Also, relying solely on counselors who have been able to buy time on a phone call and deter the caller from taking action such as suicide.

Dr. Seyed Saeed Aram, Welfare Director of Tehran, says about the importance of the 1480 consultation voice in the past year: "In 1399, the number of calls to the 1480 consultation voice has increased significantly compared to last year. So that the number of calls in 1998 is estimated at about 500,000 calls in the city of Tehran and the cities of Tehran province; But that number rose to 890,000 in 1999.Elsewhere he said that "Specialized services are provided free of charge to our good people. Experts behind the 1480 line advise in all areas, including children and adolescents, education, occupation, family problems, premarital questions, and clinical psychology, including disorders such as depression and anxiety. "The outcome of the 1480 consultation is very sensitive because experts need to be able to guide the caller in the shortest possible time, and more importantly, to gain trust and instill a sense of hope and trust in the caller. Consulting experts must be at a high level of science and experience he added. As well as he made remakes that "What matters in the work of counselors is the continuation of treatment. The 1480 expert, in addition to determining what counseling services the caller should use, should introduce appropriate specialized services to the caller and make it clear to the caller that he or she should not rely on a single telephone call to treat and resolve a problem. In some cases, time is given in person.

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