Deputy Minister and head of SWO released a message

On the occasion of international day of people with disabilities Dr.Ghobadidana released a message as follows;

In the name of God, 

The 3th of December, as International Day of persons with disabilities is an opportunity to show once again the humanistic message resonating in the society that " persons with disabilities have the right to enjoy equal social security, safty and health. This message also has been reflected in this year's slogan of International Day of persons with disabilities and it is emphasised that by overcoming the Coronavirus, we should create a world where be suitable for people with disability in which is met needs of such persons. Updating the services required by groups with disabilities has always been in the focus of welfare organisation and a large part of the specialised capacities and credit resources of the organisation has been allocated to this fact which resulted in rendering specialized services in the field of culture, educational, rehabilitation affairs. Accordingly the existence of some problems, especially the rising inflation due to sanctions and lack of health and rehabilitation cases, the widespread prevalence of Coronavirus diseases and the limited of the centers have made the service delivery process be more difficult. However, the serious efforts of colleagues in specialised departments of the welfare organisation have been focused on solving the problems of people with disabilities and efforts to remove existing barriers are still ongoing. Establishment of the secretariat of the law on the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities to seriously following up the implementation process of this law in executive bodies, continuous consultation with official to provide credit resources for the law and strengthen relations with other institutions in order to align them are steps that ate taken with the aim of empowering these loved ones and crystallizing their valuable presence in the development of Islamic society and in order to build a better world after Coronavirus for people with disability(Inclusive, accessible and sustainable).


Deputy Minister and head of the SWO 

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