Physical health of women in covered families

Women, especially women heads of households, are among the most vulnerable groups in society, who are more exposed to harmful factors such as unemployment, illiteracy, lack of income, and so on. These factors cause them to pay less attention to their health, which has caused the occurrence and aggravation of various diseases in them and has imposed a lot of costs on them. These conditions have made it even more necessary to provide financial support to reduce illnesses and physical, mental and medical treatment.


Improving the health status of female-headed households with the aim of screening for the possibility of cancer in female-headed households

Execution process:

1)     Check the status of the client

2)   Get on the list of receiving health screening services

3) Holding briefings with the University of Medical Sciences and executive experts of the Welfare Organization

 4) Holding health education classes and preventing common cancers

5)  Provide health screening services according to available documents

 6)  Provide health allowance in case of illness in order to take the necessary medical measures

Target society:

Women heads of households under the auspices of the Office of Family and Women's Empowerment

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