Counseling and psychological affairs

Counseling and psychological affairs

Premarital Education Program

   Marriage is one of the most important decisions of all life; But this decision must be made when our knowledge and experience and maturity in the face of the magnitude of this decision is small and incomplete. Research shows that skills-based premarital education can reduce the risk of divorce by up to 30% and strengthen a marriage. The premarital education program has been on the agenda since 2002 in the Office of Prevention of Social Injuries of the Deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs and Prevention of the Welfare Organization as a preventive and promotional program.

Family Life Education Program

  Since in paragraph 14 of the long-term vision document and general policies of the Fourth Development Plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran, strengthening the family institution was considered as a general policy, family life education as a preventive and promotional program is considered by special experts. The ultimate goal of these programs is to educate all families to experience a successful life.

Life Skills Training

 The life skills program includes communication skills, self-awareness, courage, anger management, stress management, depression prevention, problem solving and decision making, creative thinking and critical thinking. This program is implemented in a decentralized manner with a content localization approach by the provinces.

Providing services in governmental and non-governmental face-to-face counseling centers

The goal of non-governmental face-to-face counseling centers is to expand counseling and psychological services in a large part of the society and to have more access to the people, to help improve the mental health of the community and to reduce psychosocial harms.

Starting date: Pursuant to paragraph 6 of Article 26 of the Law regulating part of the government's financial regulations approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on 11/27/2001 and paragraph 8 of Article 57 of the Permanent Provisions of the Sixth Development Plan, issuance of activity licenses to establish social counseling and social psychology service centers. It is the responsibility of the country's welfare organization.

Providing telephone counseling services (line 1480) ‌ and counseling in cyberspace

  In 1993, the Welfare Organization inaugurated the counselling Voice Center (Line 1480) for the first time in Tehran. With the expansion and development of technical and professional infrastructure and services, this line was expanded throughout the country. Currently, Line 1480 provides psychological services in 31 provinces of the country in the field of family counseling, premarital, clinical psychology, child and adolescent counseling, interpersonal problems, and academic and professional counseling.

The Welfare Organization, in order to spread the culture of counseling and increase access to the public, especially the youth, since February 2009 has launched a system of counseling services in cyberspace at the e-mail address of the Welfare Organization ( Users of this system can use counseling services in the fields of family problems, marriage, and child rearing, etc. for free.

Plan of interventions and psychosocial support in accidents, disasters and emergencies of the country (Moheb plan)

  Moheb network project has been piloted since 2007 in Dizicheh neighborhood of Mobarakeh city of Isfahan province and in 2008 in Akbarabad neighborhood of Shiraz city of Fars province, Gisg neighborhood of Zarand city of Kerman province and Gorzin neighborhood of Qeshm city of Hormozgan province. To examine the strengths and weaknesses of the plan of the above maneuver provinces should also be held. Also in the same year, the provinces of Ardabil, South Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi, Tehran, Qazvin and Golestan also trained a neighborhood of a city.

In 2009, in addition to the above provinces, a neighborhood from the central provinces of Bushehr and Sistan and Baluchestan also implemented the Moheb network project. In the same year, the maneuver of Golestan province was held and the evaluation of the mentioned plan was done in 2010.

Then, in 2014, the plan was reviewed by the country's trustees and experts from four selected provinces: Isfahan, South Khorasan, Hormozgan and Fars. In this regard, according to the duties of the organization in providing psychological services in disasters, the MS IMS / ICS سام system has been organized in the headquarters and queue department with people's groups that take the necessary measures to provide specialized services and organize the vulnerable. Do, was designed. ‌In 1398, the project instructions were reviewed and compiled, which are in accordance with the upstream documents and are updated.

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