Providing social services to families with multiple children

Simultaneous addition of at least two or more members of a family usually disrupts the economic and financial balance of the family and increases the cost of living of these families and reduces the mental health of other members, especially parents.

On the other hand, infants born at the same time due to being premature and underweight, need special care, preparation of powdered milk, health services, etc. However, no specific institution or organization is responsible for supporting and overseeing the affairs of these individuals. Therefore, the Office of Women and Family Affairs of the Welfare Organization, based on its legal duties and in order to reduce the burden of problems for families with multiple children, plans to support families with multiple children from 1381 in the form of case and continuous assistance and other support and educational services It has been implemented in various fields such as nutrition, health, etc.

General purpose and specific objectives:

· Reducing crises caused by the simultaneous birth of several children in a family

· Help facilitate the balanced development and upbringing of multiples

· Helping to establish economic and financial order and balance of the family

Execution process:

1) Examining the request

2) Prioritizing families with multiple children

3) Providing social / cash and non-cash services to the families involved in the project

Target society:

Families in need with twins and older with preschool age

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