Payment of tuition fees for students from needy families covered by the organization

Adopting appropriate strategies towards the macro and key goals of social welfare in supportive institutions, including: paragraph (k) of Article (20) of the Fifth Plan Law, providing tuition for students of families covered by the Welfare Organization is an issue that is always considered and emphasized by policy makers, managers and the program. Has been small.

 In this regard, and in order to improve the level of education of students from families covered and encourage them to continue higher education, respect for social justice and fundamental rights of each individual and provide opportunities for their independence and empowerment, pay scholarships to students in need It is necessary.

In the absence of government assistance, students studying under the cover will have difficulty in providing tuition fees, as a result of which their studies will be interrupted, so the plan to pay tuition fees to students from covered families from 1379 with the aim of improving students' education. And providing independence and empowerment of the families covered by the start and its credit through the headquarters of the organization in proportion to the number of students in the provinces.

General purpose and specific objectives:

· Provide appropriate educational and training backgrounds for students

· Creating equal educational and social opportunities

· Supporting the continuation of education of students from needy families under their coverage and empowerment

Execution process:

1) Obtaining the statistics of students from needy families covered by the provinces from the student information system

2) Payment of scholarships to eligible students in accordance with the relevant laws

3) Preparing and sending program performance reports through the provinces to the Office of Family and Women Empowerment

4) Monitoring and evaluation of the program

Target society:

Students of needy families covered by the organization

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