28 April 2021 - 14:59
Military Exemption

Pursuant to Article 123 of the Constitution, the Law on Amending Articles of the Civil Service Law, approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on November 13, 2011, one of the male children of unmarried mothers under the auspices of the Imam Relief Committee and the Welfare Organization Service during the period of necessity are exempted. Also, only sons of families with three or more female children are exempt from compulsory military service.


1) Helping to maintain the family unit

2) Providing grounds for economic and social independence and self-sufficiency

3) Rehabilitation and empowerment of the family

Target society:

The male child of a female head of household without a husband under the auspices of the organization (divorce and death) who has so far benefited from the services and continuous support of the organization.

The family has a case that qualifies for a pension and other support from the organization in accordance with the Law on the Provision of Orphaned Women and Children.

· The family of a male single child who has 3 daughters and if the father is alive and the family is covered by welfare, it is possible according to paragraph T of the executive instruction number 10341/1/2302 dated 16/12/90 of the NAJA duty organization.

Execution process:

1) Submitting a written request

2) Preparing a help report

3) Completing all documents

4) Eligibility check

5) Welfare correspondence of the city

6) Organizing a meeting of the specialized welfare committee of the province

7) Compiling 4 copies of the exemption file

8)  Obtaining the characteristics of people in the field of duty system

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