During a meeting in presence with UNDP resident representative, Claudio Providas, with head of State welfare organization two sides accentuated on more cooperation.

Claudio Providas during a meeting with head of SWO while appreciating SWO's services in recent years said that in order to appropriate performance of SWO in recent years UNDP has allocated around 26% of  its total budgets(21 million $) since 2005 to so far. Also he stated that the allocated budgets to combat with Coronavirus is funded form two resources including the Economic Cooperation Organization and the World Fund and in this line our goal is to appreciate the SWO to obtain effectively results in different areas such as rendering services to vulnerable groups, elderly and fighting with AIDS among vulnerable groups as well as setting up centers like mobile clinics makes that we considered more financial aids to follow up these plans. Elsewhere he said that about imposing sanction against Iran we are neutral but the issue of health is very important to us and I deeply regret about the effects of the sanctions on Iran and the loss of lives of some people due to these sanctions. Also he added the UNDP in collaboration with WHO and UNICEF managed a joint working group about health which succeed to obtain the necessary licenses to purchase health and medical items. He made remarks that in response to fight with Coronavirus in Iran, UNDP offices announces its readiness to help female-headed households and vulnerable groups across the country and in this regard is determined to improve Iran's health condition purchase items needed form global companies and some domestic companies to support domestic production in Iran.

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