Social support for people with sexual identity disorder (daily-government)

A person with a sexual identity disorder has had many problems interacting with family, school, and community since he or she identified himself or herself. A society that is not properly aware of the existence of such a disorder labels such a person as deviant and provides the ground for his isolation.

Withdrawal due to community reactions to him and his exclusion from family and society causes him to lose the ability to acquire skills and information and social development and to be forced to spend his life or provide medical treatment. Jobs that keep him out of the public eye should be removed and used by those who (because of his need to earn money) force him to do black and sex jobs. In addition to the social and moral consequences, this issue will have an increasing impact on the spread of uncontrolled sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS.

Considering the duty of the Office of Social Victims Affairs to support vulnerable or vulnerable groups, the Support Subcommittee on Organizing Sexual Identity Disorder with the aim of providing social and psychological support to people with this disorder. From the second half of 2002, it was carried out experimentally at the Crisis Intervention Center of Martyr Nawab Safavid in Tehran province.

 Due to the problems related to the referral of these people in Tehran and the need to provide services to these people and since 2007 this activity is carried out in all crisis intervention centers throughout the country.

Target group: All persons with sexual identity disorder referred to the Crisis Intervention Center with their families How to be accepted: These people are admitted to self-referral centers for intervention in individual, family and social crises or are introduced from organizations, institutions, medical centers, etc. Specialized force: one social worker, one psychologist.

Execution process:

1- Accepting and filing a case for the client.

2- Referral to other specialized units (psychology, help), conducting social work assessments and psychology and psychiatry

3-   Providing specialized services of social work and psychology.

4- Providing financial services (medical grants and empowerment).

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