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Paying subsidies to employers to improve the efficiency of disabled people who are working in the non-governmental sector

In order to achieve the comprehensive law on protection of the rights of the disabled and other superior laws and based on the objectives defined in the strategic and operational plan of state Welfare Organization to empower and expand employment programs to create, stabilize and sustain employment of the target community In the non-governmental sector, subsidies to improve the efficiency of disabled people are working in the non-governmental sector were developed for employers.

Efficiency subsidy as a part of the total salary (minimum labor law) is paid through the organization to the employers of the non-governmental sector in return for the employment of the disabled, with the approval of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Committee.

Determining the amount of subsidy for improving the efficiency of the disabled has been considered based on the severity and effect of the disability in limiting the efficiency of the disabled for the job which is from at least 10 to 50 percent of the contract up to the minimum wage of the labor law according to the table for determining the level of disability can be paid to the employer after the approval of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Committee.

General purpose and specific objectives:

· Facilitate the process of creating, stabilizing and sustaining employment in the non-governmental sector by paying a percentage of salaries.

· Promoting job stability and strengthening the foundation of families with disabilities.

· Encourage, encourage, motivate and create a sense of competition among employers and people with disabilities with employment conditions.

· Promoting a culture of work and effort, increasing self-esteem, personal independence and creating psychological security for the disabled.

· Fulfillment of the organization's duties regarding the empowerment of the disabled in order to implement part of the comprehensive law for the protection of the rights of the disabled.

· Attracting the maximum participation of non-governmental organizations, employers, etc. in the non-governmental sector.

· Helping to develop employment, expand the labor market and create more job opportunities, especially for the disabled.

Execution process

· Receive the required application and documents

· Paying visit the workplace and submit a report to the county employment committee.

·  Completing the notarized letter of commitment form, reviewing the documents and expert report and giving points to the employer.

·  If the employer is eligible, priority should be given to payment

·  Approve documents and send to finance

·  Issuance of a final payment document and announcement to the field of public participation

·  Receive employer's share insurance for up to 5 years Registration of information gateway (portal system).

Recipients receive

There are employers who are eligible according to the Employment and Entrepreneurship Committee according to the scoring table of the applicant employers.

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