Latest measures taken by SWO to prevent Coronavirus

Dr.Ghobadidana reported latest measures taken by the SWO to prevent Coronavirus in under coverage centers.

Dr.Ghobadi Dana, deputy minister and head of SWO  at a conference said that we haven’t any report about getting infected coronavirus in under coverage centers so far and this organization to prevent with this virus has initiated necessary measures at the beginning of February, in which kindergartens and rehabilitation centers of high risk areas until secondary notice are closed, he added. Elsewhere he mentioned latest measure taking by SWO to prevent Coronavirus as follows:

1) Allocating 100000 dollars for boarding centers of the elderly, chronic mental patients and motor-physical disabled people.

2) Allocating 200000 dollars to afford instrument needed to prevent Coronavirus in Caring centers such as health Supplies, disinfectants and mask.

3) Canceling appointments with settled people in under coverage centers.

4) Issuing special guidelines to control and fight with Coronavirus in whole of nurseries throughout the country.    

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