All devices should try to facilitate life and movement of PSW in city and offices

Referring to the launch of special tourist tours for persons with disability(PSW), the President said: "All agencies in their area of responsibility should try to facilitate the life and movement of the disabled in the city and offices, and providing a suitable vehicle for these loved ones is one of the tasks that It is the responsibility of the government.

According to the report of Public Relations and International Affairs, quoting the Presidential Information Center, Ayatollah Dr. Seyed Ibrahim Raisi in the cabinet meeting stressed the need for sincere service and comprehensive efforts to solve the problems of the people, said: members of the cabinet while explaining points Their strengths and successes in various sectors, especially in the field of livelihood and the provision of basic goods, try not to have any weaknesses or shortcomings in performance.

The President continued to consider paying attention to and protecting the environment as a public duty and noted: "Observing environmental issues is necessary for all institutions, but the field of environment must also have a solution to get out of problems and not stop projects for no reason." Dr.Raisi added: "Cultural heritage is a precious treasure that should be preserved for future ages and generations, but paying attention to the preservation of cultural heritage in worn-out structures should not disrupt people's lives." The president also ordered that the contractors for the reconstruction of the earthquake-stricken areas of Hormozgan be funded so that they can continue their activities quickly.

Ayatollah Ra'isi further emphasized on strengthening cooperation and expanding foreign relations, especially with neighboring countries and Latin America, and said: "Now, wide capacities have been created to develop foreign relations with countries in the region and Latin America, which should be activated in the interests of the nation." It should be provided and the ministers should seriously pursue and implement the joint plans.

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