Deputy minister and head of SWO released a message

On the occasion of world day of older persons Dr.Ghobadi dana , deputy minister and head of SWO released a message

October 1 is the International and National Day of the Elderly, based on the honorable life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the master of the free people of the world, Imam Hussein (AS), and inspired by the orders of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in communicating the general policies of the population. To respect and honor the elderly and create the necessary conditions to ensure their health and care in the family and to provide the necessary mechanism to benefit from the experiences and capabilities of the elderly in appropriate areas and the emphasis of the World Health Organization with the national slogan "Fair benefit of all We cherish the ages of digital technology with the goal of sustainable development and focus on coping strategies and preventing age inequality in the future.The rapid and growing trend of the country's elderly population is due to increased life expectancy, welfare indicators, reduced birth rates and improved health services, and the consequences of the rapidly growing elderly population, the need for the intervention of politicians and governments to strengthen the required infrastructure. , Including improving welfare and health indicators, paying attention to the components affecting the quality of life of the elderly and anticipating the necessary measures to develop and strengthen the culture of dynamic and productive aging and should be the subject of measures and programs for sustainable development The unpreparedness to face this situation will incur irreparable costs to the economic and social sector of the country.Research shows that over the next 30 years, the elderly will make up about 20 percent of the world's population, and the World Health Organization estimates that by 2050, the elderly population will reach 2 billion.

The increase in the proportion of the elderly population requires that developing societies, including Iran, prepare themselves to meet the needs of the elderly. The proclamation of World Elderly Day in 2021 by the United Nations on the equitable use of digital technology by all ages shows the importance of the need for meaningful access and meaningful participation of older people in the digital world. In order for all people to enjoy digital technology fairly, it is necessary for all people in all age groups to have access to adapted infrastructures, tools and software, and to increase media and digital literacy, to benefit from the security and adaptation of this space. In order to fulfill Article 80 of the Sixth Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Welfare Organization of the country is obliged to organize and rehabilitate the elderly and in this regard has provided effective services in the field of health and welfare. However, dealing with the elderly separately is not possible by any of the relevant institutions and alone and it is necessary to be possible in the form of programs based on unity of resources and national cohesion. Planners, policymakers, NGOs and the general public should pay attention to this issue in order to overcome the problems with the participation of all groups and focus any solution on integrating elderly loved ones in society and ensuring their well-being and comfort. Solve existing problems and obstacles. The world of the future, the world of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things and the rule of digital governance and the widespread use of interactive systems, applications, tools and intelligent algorithms to provide a variety of awareness services, self-care, training, skills and counseling and Also, providing care, treatment and rehabilitation services at home, as well as providing online social, welfare and livelihood services at home to the elderly, and it is necessary for loved ones active in the field of digital technology and startups with the intention of altruism, service and profitability for Plan to gain a decent share of this market.

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