Deputy Minister and Head of SWO released a congratulatory message

On the occassion of National Doctor's Day , deputy minister and head of state welfare organization, Dr.Ghobadidana released a message as follows ::

The naming of the 23rd of September as the anniversary of the birth of the famous physician and philosopher of Iran, Sheikh Al-Ra'is Abu Ali Sina, as Doctor's Day is a great opportunity to protect the doctors of this borderland who have made their Messianic tail associated with patients and healers by combining their scientific expertise and emotions. Humans have revived "medical care" to relieve the pain of the soul and body of patients. In re-reading the glorious history of the epic presence of the physicians of Islamic Iran in the years of holy defense, we encounter another brilliant chapter which has been immortalized due to its closeness and companionship with the spiritual greatness of the values of martyrdom and self-sacrifice. Fayyaz Bakhsh has honored the cultural atmosphere of the medical community of the country.

This year, like last year, this occasion has a different color and smell. In the epidemic of Coronavirus from the very first days of the outbreak of the disease in our country, we have witnessed the colorful and dedicated presence of dear physicians along with all health defenders who rushed to the aid of patients on the front lines of the fight against this virus. The year of holy defense took its toll and with service and self-sacrifice, they shone again on the scene of the history of this land. While commemorating the memory of the martyrs of the country's medical staff and congratulating the doctor and God bless the medical community, and reminding them of the importance of appreciating the efforts and efforts of these loved ones by observing health protocols and instructions, the tireless efforts and Doctors, caregivers and medical staff across the country, especially in various boarding centers under the supervision of the Welfare Organization, which provides care and maintenance to a large number of people with disabilities, the elderly, vulnerable people and high risk of coronary heart disease. They are responsible, I appreciate it.Hopefully, one day, in the shadow of God's grace, with the successful transition from the crisis caused by the corona outbreak, we will witness the realization, growth and development of the indicators of our Islamic country's health system.

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